I’m Jeremi, I’m 21yo. Who am I?

# I’m Polish

Since ’89, when Lech Walesa, the legendary leader of Polish opposition organisation Solidarnosc, jumped over the wall of Stocznia Gdańska and communism fell, Poland is dynamically developing itself. Right now we’re the fastest growing economy in Europe.

To be Polish means to me: to complain hard but work even harder, to drink a lot of vodkas but laugh and smile even more, to build my own identity basing on the good pattern from both: west and east.

# I’m Millennial
I breathe with megabytes. I don’t remember the world without internet and cell phones. I don’t know what it means not to have 24/7 access to music, movies and all the other content from all around the world. I can’t imagine not to have constant contact with my friends and family. I can get lost in reality, never in virtual.

# I’m feminist
I don’t have any problems with hiring single mother with a baby. I will always openly protest against sexual harassing remarks. I will strive to same-level wages both for woman and man. I consider my female fellows as equally strong, powerful and impactful. And I think it’s really dumb not to be feminist. Like, really, really dumb.

# I’m entrepreneur
Since 6 years I’m doing my best (well, not all the time…) to develop my character, skillset and mindset. Currently, I’m working as Head of Public Relations at Kahuna Love. Before that, I founded two brands: wataha corp. coffee roastery and fashiontweek fashion workshops.

# I support startups
Well, at least I’m trying to! In December 2015, I have co-founded Polish-Israeli Startups Foundation which brings startup ecosystems from both countries together, so they could grow faster by learning from each other.

# Also…
I love my PennyBoard (#pbpl team!), travelling (whenever I have spare time), well designed magazines and a good tea.