3 simple tips how to execute PR

What is worth article about your startup published in a reputable magazine? A lot. It can give an access and outreach to potential customers and help to build your brand awareness. It will also flatter your ego and motivate to work. Being direct: it’s simply priceless 🙂

So how to achieve publication in this very special title,that has been always your bedside magazine? Well, I will tell you 3 basic rules that I always have in mind while executing PR strategy. Here it goes:

#Have a respect.

Journalists are not animals. They don’t eat everything that they get. They are people (I know, that might be a shock for a few) who want to write about amazing things. So have a respect and before sending press release make sure that your story is in the area of journalist’s interest.


I mean, talking to my journalist friends they always say that most annoying thing is getting for example information about financial products while being tech reporters. WTF?

Would you, as a marketing manager of a huge corporation, took even a minute to take a look at email about tech spec of some shitty product? The answer is: no, you wouldn’t. So THINK. It really doesn’t hurt.

Also – remember, it is better to send a press release to 5 well-selected journalists from 5 different titles, than to 500 journalists from all media possible.

If there would be a referendum about penalties for people who send mass spam only because they are too lazy to make a selection of target – I would vote for YES.

# Story, not a product.

“Hi, my company just released a new product, TROLOLO38479290, would you like to write about it?”. No. I mean, no. After consideration? Again no.

Here’s a big secret about work of PR-pros: our job is to find a story about your product, to put your product or your company in context, so it would be interesting not only for the journalist but above all: for readers. Remember, that sending press release you want to reach your target (because you have a strategy including target, right? Right?). Publication is not worth a penny if nobody’s gonna read it.


So take a minute or even an hour: think. Make a brainstorm. Did you get it? Great. Sleep with it. Rethink. Think all over again. Ok, you got a good idea. Write it down. Read it. Rewrite. Make a selection. Send it.

Smileeeeeeeeee because they have published it in a global edition of Forbes.

# Content is the king.

Ok, and the most important thing: content is the king. Make a story, ok, but at the same time – be direct, put all information about your product or company that you know they will ask you about. It will save you time, save the time of journalist and most importantly – increase your chances of being published.


Second – write it as you would write about it to your mommy. Simple language. Explain everything. And be short. Nobody will coddle with your information. (Ok, mommy would probably coddle, then let’s say, mother-in-law).

# Finishing lines.

Remember, Public Relations just as every other job you will ever do, have one, very important, though forgotten sometimes (as I guess) rule: you need to THINK. Be logic and emotionally intelligent. That’s all you need.

It is also good to use @Prowly to organise all your PR mess. On their @magazine you will also find more useful tips and information about Public Relations – so read it!

Goodluck! (or check my PR offer :D)

Jeremi Jak

Jeremi is communication & marketing expert working in the area of startups, new technologies and culture. Founder of Polish-Israeli Startups Foundation where he strives to develop Polish startup ecosystem and build a lasting bridge between Israel and Poland. Over past 5 years, he worked as a communication specialist for brands like Mitsubishi, ASUS, HUAWEI, Nationale Nederlanden. The connected experience of software project management and marketing executive make it possible to effectively consult and develop startups.

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